Thursday, February 22, 2007


So if a soldier dying in a Korean 'M*A*S*H' unit back in the 1950s and the Sheriff of Neptune, California, dying just the other day both smell bread in their final moments, is this some kind of neurological condition found only in Toobworld, or is it just an in-joke for the real world?

I was sorry to see Sheriff Lamb join the choir invisible this week on 'Veronica Mars', if only because I don't think we ever got to find out if any of his "boys" were utilized in siring Lamb progeny. Was Lamb married? Did he have any kids? Maybe he had one off the wrist on a regular basis at the Neptune sperm bank.....

There was just something about the look of Michael Muhney as Sheriff Lamb that made me think he could have been a factor in the family tree of one Captain Jack Harkness, as played by John Barrowman in 'Doctor Who' and 'Torchwood'.

Of course, many centuries separate the two. Captain Jack (Harkness was not his real name by the way.) was from the 52 Century. But DNA in Toobworld is a mighty chain of chromosomes and it can repeat itself many times down the line in the genetic makeup of a family.

The imagery/symbolism of Lamb and the smell of bread on Mardi Gras, the eve of Lent, was kind of creepy for this old altar boy. Just thought I'd mention that......

Not that I'm saying Christ was a self-centered doofus, mind you!



Jaia said...

I'm a big fan of Captain Jack, and was a fan of Sheriff Lamb as well, so I liked the idea you had that they could be related.

But I'm surprised you didn't think of this yourself - Jack Harkness is a Time Agent from the 52nd Century, and he was time traveling since before he met up with Rose and the Doctor. And there are two years of his life from that time that are missing.

So what if he found himself in Neptune, Ca, say, around 1974, and entered into a dalliance with a woman named Lamb?

That would make Captain Jack Harkness the father of Sheriff Lamb! And that tightens up the family ties.

(I looked up Michael Muhney on the IMDb - he was born Feb. 27th, 1975, and I gotta figure he's the same age as Lamb. That's one hell of a present - to get your steady acting gig axed just before your birthday!)

So you've obviously seen 'Torchwood' already, right? What is Captain Jack's real name? Can you spoil that for us?


Toby said...

Thanks, Jaia! Yeah, I'm kicking myself I didn't think of Captain Jack as being Sheriff Lamb's father. Hope you don't mind, I'll appropri- aproppri- I'll steal the theory and use it from now on. (With credit going all to you, of course.)

As for Captain Jack's real name - I don't know it. But I do know why it's not Captain Jack Harkness.

However, I don't want to spoil that just yet. Let's see if the show will ever make it over here to the States first.

Not that I'm holding my breath - if left unedited, it could only show up on a premium channel like HBO. (They entered into an alliance for 'Extras' with the BBC, so who knows?)

Otherwise, it's just too risque (and frankly, needlessly so) for the draconian FCC now in place. I heard one other country - New Zealand? - thought better of their purchase of the series and pulled out of the deal.

I could be wrong on that, I usually am when it comes to real life.......

Thanks for asking!