Thursday, February 22, 2007


Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster of the 'Psych' Detective Agency proved in the episode "Game, Set.... Muuuurder" that they're only playing at being tele-cognizant, that Toobworld ability to know that you're living within a TV universe.

Gus kept trying to match Shawn in the delivery of portentous and gripping dialogue, the kind that would be heard in murder mysteries. But... he kept coming up short.

It's a skill mastered by David Addison of the Blue Moon Detective Agency (as seen in 'Moonlighting'), who also knew that he was in a TV Show and that he was just following the script.

If Gus and Shawn actually knew they were in a TV show instead of just acting like it, they would have heard the dramatic surge of music when Gus tried out the line about the mystery attacker going back to the hospital to finish off the victim.

I'm going to have to add David Addison to my Wish-Craft list of Toobworld guest stars and what shows they should be visiting.

And a nice in-joke in that episode: the victim was named Deanna Sirtis. Marina Sirtis played an empathic counselor on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', who in her own way was able to read minds - at least the moods and feelings of her patients. That counselor was named Deanna Troi.

Deanna would have given Shawn a run for his money!



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Toby said...

Sorry, Belinda, but for me, "Addison's Disease" was a reference to David Addison and his ability to be aware of his existence in a TV Universe......