Thursday, February 22, 2007


A commenter in another TV blog mentioned this bit of mult-casting:

"Something else I found really funny is that the guy who played Desmond’s friend, Donovan, [on 'Lost'] is the same person who played Mohinder’s friend, Nirand, in 'Heroes'."

For Toobworld's purposes, they are identical cousins, although I don't think hot dogs make them lose control. And being so closely related, they both found success in the fields of academia.

While Nirand's family stayed behind in India, Donovan's family moved to Great Britain. This probably happened back in the early to mid-sixties before he was born. It's my contention that Donovan's parents were so caught up in the culture of the times that they became big fans of the music of Donovan Leitch. So much so, that they named their son after the musician.

It could have been worse. His name could have been Barabajagal.

Not that Nirand is much better.

Just sayin', is all.....


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