Thursday, February 22, 2007


It's being reported that Shonda Rhimes will be developing a spin-off from her monster hit for ABC, 'Grey's Anatomy'. Although there's no title yet and no description of the plotline, it looks like the show will focus on Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd, played by Kate Walsh.

"We are producing an enhanced episode that has a potential for an afterlife," said a representative for the show's producer, ABC Television Studio. (Sounds like the typical corporate-speak you'd expect from a network suit.)

The spin-off would focus on Addison rather than on a cadre of co-stars like the mother series, and it's unclear just yet as to where the show will take place. I'm betting that she'll move back to New York City, to keep the interaction between the characters of both shows to a minimum. Otherwise, viewers might start asking why she doesn't see Alex or Dr. McDreamy more often if she was still in Seattle.

But it doesn't look like the character of Alex will be joining her in the new show, so that relationship is probably headed to the trash heap by May.

In fact, it appears as if Addison will be the only character to be jettisoned into the spin-off, but the others will be involved in setting up her departure. There will be a two-part showcase on 'Grey's Anatomy' timed for May Sweeps so that ABC can look at the numbers for the episode and decide whether or not to develop it into a full-blown series.

So 'Grey's Anatomy' was a title geared to the main character, Meredith Grey. What will they do for Addison? 'Addison's Disease'? Eeeyuhhh.


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