Saturday, February 24, 2007


Based on what I read in Ivan's "Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear" (link to the left), I ordered several DVDs from DVD Pacific. And the first batch from that order arrived today.

First up, "Legendary Lawmen", which contains 2 episodes each of 'Bat Masterson' starring Gene Barry, and 'The Deputy' with Henry Fonda.

All four episodes may end up being in the 12 DVD boxed set 'Ultimate TV Westerns', which has 150 episodes of shows that were all probably in the public domain.

Besides 'Bat Masterson' and 'The Deputy', this set also has episodes from:

'26 Men'
'The Adventures of Champion'
'The Adventures Of Jim Bowie'
'The Adventures Of Kit Carson'
'Annie Oakley'
'Bonanza' (10 episodes? Must have been really cheap to acquire.)
'Buffalo Bill'
'The Cisco Kid'
'Cowboy G-Men'
'Death Valley Days'
'Frontier Doctor'
'The Gabby Hayes Show'
'Hawkeye And The Last Of The Mohicans'
'Hudson's Bay'
'Judge Roy Bean'
'The Life And Times Of Wyatt Earp' (I already have that boxed set.)
'The Lone Ranger'
'Northwest Passage'
'Pistols And Petticoats'
'The Range Rider'
'The Rifleman'
'The Roy Rogers Show'
'Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon'
'Shotgun Slade'
'Stories Of The Century'
'Wagon Train'

The bookshelf I built in high school, long but not high, is now officially full with TV DVDs.

Putting them away just now, I realized I better call a moratorium on Classic Western compilations. I have another, smaller, boxed set of TV Westerns with 26 episodes from several of the shows listed above. I'll not be surprised to see that they're all the same episodes.

Still, these will be nice to work through during my lunch hour at the hotel. And now with the HIS system installed, I could probably squeeze in a few more during the long quiet stretch after the audit is finished and before the first checkouts come down.

There's still more to come from that initial order I made; several episodes of 'Studio One' and 'Telephone Time'.......


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