Friday, February 23, 2007


There are times when 'Boston Legal' takes a page from 'Law & Order' and does "ripped from the headlines" stories. At the very least, they find inspiration from actual events taking place in our society. Like the recent storyline about a preserved body being exhibited at a museum which was stolen by the deceased's daughter.

Here's a news item that might find a better home at 'Boston Legal' than at 'Law & Order': a man in Wisconsin burst into the apartment of his upstairs neighbor, brandishing a sword, in order to save a woman he heard being raped.

As it turned out, the upstairs neighbor was watching a pornographic video.

The full story can be found here.

I wouldn't put it past the show to have Jerry Espenson be the client... again. Or the sex museum professor.


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Jaia said...

I can see Jerry Espenson as the client, the guy who burst into the apartment.

Make Ed Begley's sex museum guy the one who was watching the pornographic tape.

That way you combine two of the storylines from the past.

Oh, and that family heirloom sword? Belonged to Socrates Poole's dad in the Civil War!

There's your crossover.