Saturday, February 24, 2007


Based on the way they clutter up the BBC-America schedule, I'd say that shows like 'Cash In The Attic', 'House Invaders', and 'What Not To Wear' must be staggeringly popular in the manor, squire.

And being so popular, they're irresistible TV references as pop culture touchstones in other shows. This is fine, since they fall into the category of "reality" shows and could just as easily be seen by the residents of Toobworld as they are in the real world.

So when 'Antique Roadshows' and 'Cash In The Attic' are mentioned in an episode of 'Torchwood', there's no worries about a Zonk.



MediumRob said...

Is there an emoticon for a raised eyebrow?

Toby said...

Thanks for checking in, Rob! I hope the update sorted out the reason why you needed to raise a Spockian eyebrow?

MediumRob said...

My eyebrow came from "staggeringly popular in the manor, squire". Bit Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, innit? ;-)

Toby said...

Ah! I got it from the Cheese Shop sketch, as said by Palin's shopkeeper.