Saturday, October 28, 2006


Here's a transcript from 'The View', presented without comment:

Elizabeth: Last week, S.V.U. had an episode where a 30-year-old woman in New York City was raped twice and then murdered, and her name was Elizabeth Hassenbeck. And I found that disturbing.
Barbara: Not the most common name.
Elizabeth: About as close as you can get to a name that probably only one person in the whole world has: me. Maybe there are two others in Germany somewhere. I was upset by this, just because I thought it was socially irresponsible. So I didn’t know what to do about it, so I called the executive producer of Law & Order: SVU. I’m not gonna say his name.
Rosie: But you can Google it at home.
Elizabeth: He eventually called me back. He was defensive right from the jump. And I said, “Look, someone, I want to let you know I think it’s socially irresponsible to do this nowadays. I have a family and it’s suggestive.” I said “I know what you guys did. It’s essentially my name.” And he said “Well, you can just chalk that up to coincidence.” And I said “Really? That’s funny. Because your show is so not based on coincidence, and pulls things from the headlines and is so focused on headlines, so I’m having a hard time chalking this up to coincidence.”
Barbara: Good for you.
Elizabeth: He got more angry, pulled over, and he said “I’m sorry we hurt your feelings.” And I said “It’s not about feelings, whatsyourface, and I just wanted you to hear from me first before I come out here and vent on The View.” I said “I’m sorry too, because I never want to sit next to anyone on that show, and I think they’re good actors and good people, but I can’t sit next to them without feeling as though I’ve been disrespected and put at risk.” So he said “You know, I don’t have to deal with you… goodbye, Lady!”
Barbara: You have to wonder, who was it that wanted your name. Was it somebody that disagrees with you politcally?
Joy: Could it have been a coincidence?
Rosie: I don’t know, if they had Rosie O’Connell, an overweight lesbian talk show host, I might go “Maybe it’s me!”


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