Sunday, October 22, 2006


I have to give credit to the writers of 'My Name Is Earl' for being the cheeky little monkeys that they are. I'm always amazed by the stuff they get away with in the characters' dialogue (usually Joy's).

With last week's episode "Van Hickey", I knew they were at it again once I saw the flyer for "Phish Tahko", which was the name of Earl's band. They may have changed the spelling, but there was no way they could change the pronunciation.

Well, that's just the way my mind works; I can find the dirty in just about anything.......

But that's only when my mind does work at all. I kept forgetting to check out "Phish Tahko" online until today.......

fish taco

vulgar slang for labia/vagina
an unshaven vagina, usually with the distinct tang of tuna
"When I was over at Susie's last night, I ate her furry fish taco"
(googled from a variety of online sources)

Now that's a term I don't mind looking up, nudge nudge wink wink!

Noah Webster (as voiced by Rob Campbell in the 'Liberty! The American Revolution' mini-series) would have been so proud......


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