Friday, October 27, 2006


One of the neatest theories I ever heard about 'The Prisoner' was that the answer was always there right from the very beginning. In each opening where we hear the dialogue between Number Six and the new Number Two, there's always this exchange:

Number 6: "Who is Number One?"
Number 2: "You are Number Six."

Someone finally suggested putting a comma in there so that now Number Two's reply is:

"You are, Number Six."

With that, the finale doesn't carry as much of a shock anymore.

It's reminiscent of the movie "The Last Of Sheila", when Clinton promised his guests that they could solve the game without ever leaving the boat... if they were smart enough.

I got that same sensation from last night's episode of 'Lost', "Every Man For Himself". In Sawyer's flashback, Cassidy showed up to visit him in prison, even though it was her testimony that put him there. She showed him a picture of a baby and told him that the little girl was his.

Cassidy told him that she named the child "Clementine".

Being such a nerdy televisiologist and a big fan of 'Alias Smith and Jones', I first thought of Clementine Hale. But then I remembered the song lyric which is most closely identified with the name of "Clementine":

"You are lost and gone forever."

"You Are Lost."

Last season it was suggested that the island, its inhabitants and its mysteries might be the product of Hurley's fevered imagination. But what if it's all in Sawyer's head instead?

As he is an avid reader, we know he must have an active imagination; and that certainly comes in handy when pulling cons.

But if that song lyric has full meaning, then Sawyer might just be "gone forever" before the series finishes...
There was definitely something missing from Sawyer's flashbacks - crossovers or mentions of the other survivors or even of the Others. It's one of the things that can save a flashback even if it goes over the same ground again and again (like Jack's). But this flashback was missing that factor - unless I'm the one that was missing the mention of it.
Sawyer was incarcerated in Florida. There's a good reason for setting many of these flashbacks in either Florida or California - the palm trees they can't avoid in almost every shot. (Juliet's flashback in February will be set in Miami.)
Ben mentioned that the new island was twice the size of Alcatraz. Someone pointed outed at that 20 acres - the size of the prison island - is tiny in the grand scheme of things. And so forty acres, that's not much real estate either.

But Ben spoke of Alcatraz as though he had been there as well, and not just read up on the facts to be found online.
One image that keeps getting referenced is that of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was upside down on the wall of the Aussie faith healer's home and in posters and ticket folders used for advertising Gannon Travel.

Maybe they can get Joss Whedon to appear in a flashback as a snippy sales rep at Gannon Travel, after doing such a good job as the snippy car rental rep on 'Veronica Mars'.

Or maybe all of these references to San Francisco means that the Dharma Initiative is the foundation for the future organization of Starfleet!
If you listen closely to what "Tom Friendly" had to say about the arrival of Colleen, she was brought back to the island via sub. How soon before we get to take a trip in it with either the Ohters, or with the escaping Sawyer, Kate, and Jack?
Although Juliet came off as a little more vulnerable this week due to the crisis involving Colleen, I still don't trust her and I think she will be key to great upheavals in the future for the show. For the time being, I'm not buying that she could be so easily played by Jack in the same way Ben played Locke back at the Hatch.
Next week promises to be a biggie, and the hints are out there that it will mark the end of the line for one of the regulars. This makes sense, as you'd want to close out this Mini-Me of a season with such a big jolt as to make people hunger to come back from the holiday hiatus February 7th.

I have no inside info on this, and I don't think even the spoiler sites were of much help - at least in the formation of my opinion, - but I think we can say "Sayonara" to Sayid......

Just sayin', is all.....


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