Sunday, October 22, 2006


There's a new book out which lists "The 101 Most Influential People (Who Never Lived)". Here at Toobworld Central, we have another book that is similar: "The Encyclopedia Of Fictional People".

This new book's subtitle is "How characters of myth, legends, television, and movies have shaped our society, changed our behavior, and set the course of history."

The number one choice has been banished from the TV Universe, but he still makes appearances in print ads: The Marlboro Man, whom the authors claim is the greatest killer of all time.

Other characters have solid presences in Earth Prime-Time, but they are better known, or were first seen, in other venues. These would include Sherlock Holmes, Santa Claus, and Frankenstein's Monster.

From the top fifty chosen by a trio of "rowdy philosophers", here are some other characters who came out of Toobworld:

21. Smokey Bear
32. Archie Bunker
39. Mary Richards
44. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
50. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

True, Buffy Summers first appeared in a theatrically released movie, but it's her Toobworld incarnation who had more influence.

Just from that small list, I'd be interested in seeing the arguments made by the authors for their inclusion. (I agree they should be on the list, just not sure about their placement in it.) And I'd like to find out why other characters might have been excluded from the list.

The book has been published by Harper and retails for about fourteen bucks.

The authors have also created a website where you can leave comments and suggestions as to who should have been on the list.


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