Saturday, October 28, 2006


Updated my list o' links to the left there, adding three more sites you may like to visit:

eTV Reviewer

Creatively Progressing


As always, there was no sense of priority for the placement of these links. I just put them where they would best fit in with the others.

Check them out and see if they fulfill your Toobworld needs.....



wcdixon said...

What's your opin of that View...SVU...Elizabeth Hassenbeck....story?

Toby said...

Hi WC!

I presented it without comment because I didn't want to present it as a Real World vs. Toobworld piece on its own.

But I suppose for the most part I'd have a more specific reaction similar to the one I had with the Steve Irwin bit on 'South Park' - as much as a Toober as I am, it's just TV; they (and Ms. Hasselbeck) should just relax.

I suppose she might really have concerns if it turned out that the raped and murdered character was also a talk show host. That would be hewing too close to "reality" - who knows what kind of nutcases are out there who might see the show and think they should follow through on that example?

Other than that, I would have asked the same question as Barbara Walters - who was it that pushed to keep the name for the character? I know most shows vette that sort of thing to avoid any such troubles down the road. So somebody must have been really pushing to keep this character's name as "Elizabeth Hassenbeck".

And if so, I'd want to know why.