Sunday, October 22, 2006


I caught the hint of a rumor online yesterday and did a Google search to track it down. Apparently, 'Grey's Anatomy' will do more than just provide a strong lead-in for 'Six Degrees' on the ABC Thursday night schedule. It looks like there will be a crossover episode coming soon.

There was nothing definite in any of the sources I found for this rumor; the best one said that it came from a well-placed source in the 'Six Degrees' camp. (But then I guess they're the ones who have the most to gain from such a rumor.)

In most of the versions I found, it looks like Izzy (with money she inherited) treats her roomies to a trip to NYC. And while there, they all have six degrees of separation encounters with various of the characters in the show that follows them on the sked.

There was another version of the rumor, in that one of the characters from 'Six Degrees' goes to Seattle Grace to apply for a job. As I don't know anything about the dramatis personae of 'Six Degrees', other than that one of them is a photographer, I can't say whether or not this is a credible rumor.

Personally, I'd like to see a crossover in minor details between 'Lost' and 'The Nine'. Maybe Nick, the detective with a gambling problem, has to report to Captain Cortez of the LAPD. (She's the mother of the late Ana Lucia.) Or in a flashback, Kim Raver's ADA is bringing Sawyer up on larceny charges. Maybe Malcolm, the bank manager, could be seen opening a safe deposit box for somebody and it's numbered 4216 or some other combination of "the Numbers".

I'm still hoping for more NBC support for 'Heroes' by subtly touting it in other shows. The appearance of the Montecito in last week's episode was a good start, but it was during 'Heroes'; it needs to have the scope widened to other shows where it can be played up.

For instance, and I've mentioned this once before, I think, but there should be Nathan Petrelli campaign posters seen in the background of the various 'Law & Order' series leading up to November 7th. Probably too late for that now.....

But the creepy guy who has been hounding the "heroes" and is Claire's adopted dad..... He could be seen hanging about a crime scene and then slipping away before the detectives notice him, perhaps.

Maybe Bug of 'Crossing Jordan' is a distant relative to Mohinder Suresh of 'Heroes'?

Or the heroes could just be seen enjoying an episode of 'Studio 60' on TV. (And for all of the other dramas, they could show an NBS logo down in the corner of the screen on their TV shows within a TV show.)

Is that too much to ask?


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