Saturday, August 26, 2006


Well, folks, I screwed up. I was supposed to post this yesterday........

In the Idiot's Delight Digest on July 26, 2006, "Brooklyn George" wrote the following:

I just got an email from the State Theater in New Brunswick announcing aNovember 11th show by the Laurie Bernker band, the 'top sellingchildren's group in the country' as the email says, and she is appearingwith Susie Pampert and Adam Bernstein.

I am assuming this is Park Slope's Adam... nice gig!

And AB, another "Iddiot", responded:

Yes friends it's true. Laurie [is an] old friend of mine and I'm playing with the band regularly now. We did some TV, Today Show, Regis, we're on GMA on Aug 26th. It's a great gig, I bought a new bass for it too, a Jack Casady Hollowbody Epiphone, it's incredible.

Kids music is the thing, they dig their rock 'n roll!

I hope somebody out there got to see them perform this morning on TV, no thanks to me.....


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