Thursday, August 24, 2006


In the pilot episode of 'Eureka', a temporal vortex machine went haywire and Henry Deacon was called in from his garage to help Warren King (head of Global Dynamics) in shutting it down.......

Man, this thing is cold!
Easy, Henry. Remember Groom Lake?
Yeah, but this time we're sober.

Just in case you didn't catch the reference, Groom Lake is also known as "Area 51".

It could be that Warren and Henry were there around the same time as former FBI agent Fox Mulder. Mulder was investigating the stealth craft that caused him to switch personalities with Morris Fletcher.

The "Dreamland" case took place in 1998, when it would be reasonable to think Warren King and Henry Deacon might have been assigned there by the government. *

They're both obviously too young to have been there from the beginning of the Majestic program!


*IF they were assigned by the government. The fact that they were drunk while poking around with some dangerous equipment seems to suggest that they might have fortified their spirits before snooping about. So they could have been even younger; perhaps grad students on a "field trip".

Once caught, and once their credentials and talents were certified, they could have both been offered the chance to come to live and work in 'Eureka'.

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