Monday, August 21, 2006


For a few seasons now, 'The 4400' and 'The Dead Zone' have traveled together on the USA Network sked. And both shows have dealt with the prospect of a major conflagration which has been predicted to happen in the future.

For 'The 4400', it is the Catastrophe; for 'The Dead Zone', it's Armageddon.

Couldn't they be the same disaster?

Like I said, both shows are on the same network; they air one right after the other. Wouldn't it be great if they had an actual crossover, rather than just a possible encounter in one of those great USA Network promos?

It seems like they'd make for a great two-part story combining their major strengths, and I think the Catastrophe/Armageddon storyline would be the way to go.

Of course, Johnny Smith lives in Maine; the main 400 Centre is in Seattle. You couldn't get two shows farther apart unless you wanted to add 'Lost' into the mix.

But Johnny Smith is free to travel the country; it's not like his power to see things isn't going to work outside of his home base. (And it's not like he's going to be socked with roaming charges on it, either.)

And as of this past week, Kyle Baldwin has taken a job with the 400 Centre to travel the country and talk about his experiences. Eventually he may find himself in Maine, perhaps invited by Reverend Gene Purdy to speak at his Faith Heritage Centre. And while there he would have the opportunity to talk to Johnny and convey a message and invitation from Jordan Callier to come to Seattle to talk about their common concern: the coming disaster.

That could then lead into the second part which would take place in Seattle and where Johnny does what he can to not only help the 4400, but perhaps solve a problem for NTAC agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris.

Of course, one problem is that 'The 4400' airs before 'The Dead Zone' on Sunday nights. With a set-up like that, either they'd have to switch places on the schedule, or the episode would have to start on 'The Dead Zone' and then conclude the following week on 'The 4400'.

But that's only one possible (albeit pretty logical) set-up to a possible scenario between the two series. I'm sure smarter folks than me would come up with something that begins on 'The 4400' and concludes an hour later on 'The Dead Zone'.

And speaking of those promos, when is Johnny Smith of 'The Dead Zone' going to meet Maya Skouris of 'The 4400' in one? Sean has met 'Monk'; 'Monk' has met Johnny Smith; and Johnny has argued with Shawn Spencer of 'Psych' and even helped out one of those wresting dudes.

I would think having two pre-cogs meeting each other from different shows might be pretty cool.

Unless of course some weird cosmic short-circuit might happen should they ever touch.......

Am I the only one who just got that Lazarus A/B vibe just now?


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