Thursday, August 24, 2006


Found this PR guff after finding out that Dawn Wells has joined the cast of a "Christian sitcom":

“Pastor Greg,” which debuted last year to rave reviews and awesome audience response, is gearing up for its second season on both Christian networks and over 100 network affiliates nationwide.

I visit about 20 TV related websites every day, and at least 100 more are in my fave places for a check every couple of days. And then there are the hyperlinks to be found in those sites which send me onwards to hundreds of other sites. (TVTattle is where I found this story, the best clearing house for such links.)

But I never even heard of this show before. Its rave reviews must be flying under the radar when it comes to most media outlets. I only learned of it today through and its links to the story about Dawn Wells joining the cast.

That same publicity blurb went on to describe the show:

The first season of this groundbreaking half-hour comedy found Greg Wilson, a former gambling, drinking “lost soul” who comes to faith, answering the call to pastor a small-town church. With his casual dress and unconventional ways, Pastor Greg unwittingly stirs things up before winning over the church’s feisty congregation. In the process he helps his congregant clan discover some important truths about love, forgiveness, faith, and God’s family.

I'm sure there must be some folks out there who just get this automatic urge to ridicule the concept. Not me. Toobworld is the Big Tent and there's room for everybody.

I don't see why there shouldn't be a show like this; Christian shows don't have to be just family dramas like '7th Heaven'.

And if there can be sitcoms like 'Bless Me, Father' and 'Father Ted', why not one with a more protestant point of view?

If you want to learn more about 'Pastor Greg', click here.

I checked the affiliates listed and it looks like I'm out of luck for checking it out myself. Looks like I'd have to go upstate to see it. No option at all back home in Connecticut.....


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