Thursday, August 24, 2006


Good news for the fans of 'MI-5', which was known as 'Spooks' over in England: the series is coming back to A&E with its fourth season, starting September 15th. (The stories have already taken place in Toobworld, as the Brits saw the series back last fall.)

The bad news is that it will be butchered in the editing room to fit into an hour-long timeslot.

Plus, it's been gutted cast-wise as well with the loss of original actors Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes, and David Oyelowo. In order, Tom Quinn \was forced by circumstances to quit the service; Zoe Reynolds had to go into exile under an assumed name; and Danny Hunter was killed in the line of duty.

That leaves only Harry Pearce running the department with assistance from original team members Ruth, Malcolm, and Colin (as well as other agents brought in as replacements, like Adam Carter.)

Still, it was a stylish thriller which in my mind is all in cool, grey-blue coloring. And Harry Pearce did make for a very engaging bulldog of a boss.

So keep September 15th in mind; A&E. Check your local listings for the time......


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A & E doesn't list it at their websight...