Saturday, August 26, 2006


AOL has a "personality quiz" to help you determine which of the new TV shows you should watch. I took the quiz twice, slightly varying my answers to see what suggestions they would have.

1 . Which cancelled show are you still mourning for?
'In Justice'
'The West Wing'
'Yes, Dear'

First time through, I marked 'The West Wing'. Second time, 'InJustice'.

2 . Which of these current shows do you prefer?
'Grey's Anatomy'
'Saturday Night Live'
'Two and a Half Men'

Both times I answered 'Two and a Half Men'

3 . I tend to watch:
Character-driven shows
Legal dramas
Traditional sitcoms
Workplace dramedies

First time: character-driven shows; second time: workplace dramadies

4 . Your take on 'Lost'?
I like the big ensemble cast
I like the theories & clues
I like the sci-fi angle
It's too serious
It's too complicated
It's too time-consuming

Both times: I like the theories and the clues

5 . TV alum you'd watch again:
Ted Danson ('Cheers')
Calista Flockhart ('Ally McBeal')
Victor Garber ('Alias')
Matthew Perry ('Friends')
Jeremy Sisto ('Six Feet Under')
Milo Ventimiglia ('Gilmore Girls')

First time: Matthew Perry; second time: Victor Garber

6 . A recent movie you enjoyed?
The 'Break Up'
'The Da Vinci Code'
'Little Miss Sunshine'
'Miami Vice'
'Superman Returns'
'Talladega Nights'

Both times I skipped the question, as I hadn't seen any of them.

The suggestions for the first try:

You should check out the edge-of-your-seat thrillers 'Kidnapped, 'Runaway' and 'Vanished.'

And for the second:

For you, we recommend the quirkier, darker new shows 'Heroes' and 'Jericho.'

Well, I plan to sample them all, so I guess it was all just a time-wastin' diversion anyway.....


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