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Tony Jay, a prolific voice actor who appeared in hundreds of commercials for radio and TV as well as cartoons and video games, has died at 73 from complications after lung cancer surgery.

Born in London in 1933, Jay is survived by his mother, Edith, 99; his brother, Robert; his son, Adam, 17, and his wife, Marta MacGeraghty Jay.

Jay, who possessed a uniquely baritone voice, often played the villain in video games and cartoons, the Times said. He is perhaps best remembered for his role as Judge Frollo in the 1996 Disney animated film 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame.'

'His voice was pretty tremendous and one of a kind,' said Natanya Rose, who worked with Jay on video-game projects for International Creative Management. 'Any time you needed that regal, deep, wise presence, he definitely was the person to go to.'
[from the UPI report]

"Tony Jay" sounds like he'd be that guy who lives over on the next block; plays ball in the street with the kids. A quite ordinary name for an actor who had a voice steeped in elegant malevolence, but who was just as well-known for his dour visage and imposing height.

It could have been a "wish-craft" of mine to one day see Tony Jay and Christopher Lee act together. But that will never happen now.

But if his given name was so commonplace, those of his many characters in Toobworld were better fitting for the look and voice of such a man - Paracelcius, Nigel St. John, Judge Silot Gatt, Shere Khan, Galactus, Machestro, Anubis, and Charles Dickens.....

That voice also kept him busy in the world of videogames, especially in the "Legacy Of Kain" series the "Elder God". And he also provided the narration for movies as well.

Although most genre fans will remember him from 'Beauty And The Beast' and as the ally of the alt.dimensional Lex Luthor in 'Lois & Clark', my particular favorite character of his was as Judge Silot Gatt. He played the jurist in an episode of 'The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.' in which the fact that Brisco was a Harvard grad counted against him in Judge Gatt's court, since he had gone to Yale.

Hail the Nutmegger, Silot Gatt!

And hail and farewell to Mr. Jay.......

"To Serve and Protect" (1999) (mini) TV Series .... Police Pathologist
"Fall of Eagles" (1974) (mini) TV Series .... Tsar Alexander III

Timon of Athens (1981) (TV) .... Merchant

The Gene Pool (2001) (TV) .... Renfeld
Fugitive Nights: Danger in the Desert (1993) (TV)
Absolute Strangers (1991) (TV) .... Weisfeld
Rainbow Drive (1990) (TV) .... Max Hollister
Circus (1988) (TV) .... Conrad Simpson

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"
- And the Answer Is... (1995) TV Episode .... Nigel St. John
- The Phoenix (1995) TV Episode .... Nigel St. John
- Foundling (1994) TV Episode .... Nigel St. John
- The Ides of Metropolis (1994) TV Episode .... Nigel St. John
- Pheromone, My Lovely (1993) TV Episode .... Nigel St. John

- The Man of Steel Bars (21 November 1993) - Nigel St. John
- Neverending Battle (3 October 1993) - Nigel St. John
"Twin Peaks"
- Episode #2.12 (1991) TV Episode .... Dougie Milford
- Episode #2.11 (1990) TV Episode .... Dougie Milford
- Episode #2.10 (1990) TV Episode .... Dougie Milford
"Beauty and the Beast"
- Ceremony of Innocence (1989) TV Episode .... Paracelcus
- What Rough Beast (1989) TV Episode .... Paracelcus
- Dead of Winter (1988) TV Episode .... Paracelcus
- Remember Love (1988) TV Episode .... Paracelcus
- To Reign in Hell (1988) TV Episode .... Paracelcus

- The Alchemist (22 January 1988) - Paracelcus

Dynasty: The Reunion (1991) (TV) .... Dr. Jobinet

Civil War Combat: The Wheatfield at Gettysburg (1999) (TV) .... Narrator
Civil War Combat: America's Bloodiest Battles (1999) (TV) .... Narrator

- Rule Number One (2001) TV Episode
"The Burning Zone"
- The Silent Tower (1996) TV Episode .... The Chairman
"Picket Fences"
- Squatter's Rights (1994) TV Episode .... Chief Rabbi
"The Adventures of Brisco County Jr."
- Brisco for the Defense (1993) TV Episode .... Judge Silot Gatt
"Star Trek: The Next Generation"
- Cost of Living (1992) TV Episode .... Third Minister of Justice Campio
- Eggnog (1991) TV Episode .... Charles Dickens
"Night Court"
- Guess Who's Listening to Dinner? (1991) TV Episode .... Joseph Schiavelli
"Eerie, Indiana"
- Scariest Home Videos (1991) TV Episode .... Sir Boris von Orloff
"Murphy Brown"
- Q & A on FYI (1991) TV Episode .... Dr. Wade Benoit
- The Critic (1991) TV Episode .... John Bosley Hackett
"Christine Cromwell"
- In Vino Veritas (1990) TV Episode
- Good Lord Louden (1989) TV Episode .... Reginald Wooster
"The New Lassie"
- Once Upon a Time... (1989) TV Episode .... Mr. Shepherd
"Mr. Belvedere"
- Mutiny (1989) TV Episode .... Captain Peel
- Allegra (1987) TV Episode .... Father Michaels
"The Golden Girls"
- The Artist (1987) TV Episode .... Lazlo
"Dempsey & Makepeace"
- Armed and Extremely Dangerous (1985) TV Episode (uncredited) .... Abe Moser
"The Agatha Christie Hour"
- Jane in Search of a Job (1982) TV Episode .... Count Streplitch
"Whoops Apocalypse"
- How to Get Rid of It (1982) TV Episode .... Bagatu
- Kim Philby (1980) TV Episode
"The Professionals"
- Blind Run (1978) TV Episode .... Foreign Observer 1
"The XYY Man"
- A View to a Death (1977) TV Episode .... Jacob Mahler
"The Sweeney"
- Golden Boy (1975) TV Episode .... Lambourne

"Teen Titans"
- Transformation (2004) TV Episode (voice) .... Narrator
"Detroit Docona" (2004) TV Series (voice) .... Dr. Reginald Styx
"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" (2004) TV Series .... Spiderus
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (2003) (TV) (voice) .... Spiderus
ReBoot: My Two Bobs (2001) (TV) (voice) .... Megabyte
"Lloyd in Space"
- Caution: Wormhole! (2001) TV Episode (voice) .... Dr. Werner Von Brain
"House of Mouse" (2001) TV Series (voice) .... Magic Mirror/Shere Khan/Ostrich
"Buzz Lightyear of Star Command"
- Head Case (2000) TV Episode (voice) .... Dr. Animus
- Stress Test (2000) TV Episode (voice) .... Dr. Animus
"Mickey Mouse Works" (1999) TV Series (voice) .... Ostrich
"Xyber 9: New Dawn" (1999) TV Series .... Machestro
"Hey Arnold!"
- Eugene's Birthday/Stinky's Pumpkin (1999) TV Episode (voice) .... Voice In The Sky
- The Phoebe Takes the Fall/Pig War (1998) TV Episode (voice) .... Rex Smythe-Higgins
- Tour de Pond/Teachers' Strike (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Rex Smythe-Higgins
- Das Subway/Wheezin' Ed (1996) TV Episode (voice) .... Doctor
"ReBoot" (voice) .... Megabyte
- End Prog (1998) TV Episode (voice) .... Megabyte
"Invasion America" (1998) TV Series (voice) .... The Dragit (1998)
"Extreme Ghostbusters"
- Moby Ghost (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Macrobe
ReBoot: The Ride (1997) (voice) .... Megabyte
- Sins of the Fathers Chapter 11: Carnage (1996) TV Episode (voice) .... Baron Mordo
- Sins of the Fathers Chapter 10: Venom Returns (1996) TV Episode (voice) .... Baron Mordo
- Sins of the Fathers Chapter 1: Doctor Strange (1996) TV Episode (voice) .... Baron Mordo
"Mighty Ducks" (1996) TV Series (voice) .... Wraith
- The Last Son of Krypton: Part 1 (1996) TV Episode (voice) .... Sul-Van
Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (1996) (TV) (voice) .... Sul-Van
"Bruno the Kid" (1996) TV Series (voice) .... Jarlesburg
"The Savage Dragon" (1996) TV Series (voice) .... Overlord
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1987) TV Series (voice) .... Dregg (1995-1996)
- Grief (1995) TV Episode (voice) .... Anubis
"The Fantastic Four"
- When Calls Galactus (1995) TV Episode (voice) .... Galactus
- To Battle the Living Planet (1995) TV Episode (voice) .... Galactus
- The Silver Surfer & the Return of Galactus (1994) TV Episode (voice) .... Galactus
- The Silver Surfer & the Coming of Galactus: Part 2 (1994) TV Episode (voice) .... Galactus/Terrax the Destroyer
- The Silver Surfer & the Coming of Galactus: Part 1 (1994) TV Episode (voice) .... Galactus
"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man"
- Ride the High School (1994) TV Episode (voice)
"The Tick" (1994) TV Series (voice) .... Chairface Chippendale
Scooby-Doo in Arabian Nights (1994) (TV)
"Skeleton Warriors" (1994) TV Series (voice) .... The Narrator of Golden Skull
"2 Stupid Dogs" (1993) TV Series (voice) .... Chief
"Mighty Max" (1993) TV Series (voice) .... Virgil
Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992) (voice) .... Lickboot
- Visit from Lipschitz, A/What the Big People Do (1992) TV Episode (voice) .... Dr. Lipschitz
"Darkwing Duck"
- Dead Duck (1991) TV Episode (voice) .... Grim Reaper
"TaleSpin" (voice) .... Shere Khan
- From Here to Machinary (1990) TV Episode (voice) .... Shere Khan
- Plunder & Lightning (1990) TV Episode (voice) .... Shere Khan
- A Bad Reflection on You, Part 2 (????) TV Episode (voice) .... Shere Khan
"Peter Pan and the Pirates" (1990) TV Series (voice) .... Alf Mason

Rugrats Go Wild! (2003) (voice) .... Dr. Lipschitz
Recess: School's Out (2001) (voice) .... Dr. Rosenthal
The Rugrats Movie (1998) (voice) .... Dr. Lipschitz


"Dream all you want,
But nothing quite prepares you for the moment
Nigel St. John
'Lois & Clark'

(Thanks to Jen for that quote)

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