Saturday, June 10, 2006


The roster of celebrities caught in the act of being themselves (who are known in the Toobworld lexicon as "televersions") will be greatly expanded by the new season of 'Extras'. Ricky Gervais' sitcom, about a small-time actor trying for his shot at the big time, will have a lot more stars than the first season.

And you should know what that means - more Zonk!s, those annoying discrepancies where TV shows mention other TV shows which should be sharing the same universe.

Here's a list of the stars announced so far, and where applicable, the show (or God forbid, shows) which are most likely Zonk!ed because of that star's appearance.

David Bowie
Chris Martin of Coldplay
Sir Ian McKellan
Orlando Bloom
Daniel Radcliffe
Germaine Greer
Moira Stuart
Diana Rigg ('The Avengers', 'Diana' - a long shot there)
Richard Briers ('Good Neighbors', 'Monarch Of The Glen')
Ronnie Corbett ('Cracker')
Stephen Fry ('Jeeves And Wooster', 'Absolute Power', 'Blackadder')

All in all, it may not be so bad after all; perhaps they'll focus more on just movie mentions. Professor Greer and Ms. Stuart are better known for their appearances in news programs and discussion shows which do not carry much weight in Toobworld, and which definitely would be Zonk!-proof. (Those shows - like "Have I Got News For You" - would exist in Toobworld as well.

In other news for the League of Themselves, 'Entourage' returns for a third season on HBO Sunday night.

Already announced for appearances as themselves are Hugh Hefner and Bob Saget, both making return visits to the TV show. Joining them will be James Woods, whose televersion will be the villain in Vince Chase's "Aquaman" movie. (Black Manta maybe?)

Offhand, I can't think of how he could Zonk! himself unless he puts a plug in for his upcoming CBS series 'Shark'. (And with a title like that, in relation to "Aquaman", that's entirely possible.)

I suppose they could mention the two Hallmark TV movies he made with James Garner, 'Promise' and 'My Name Is Bill W'. Or perhaps it will be his work in the Disney version of "Hercules" which was then adapted to a TV series. But that would be found in the Tooniverse, and I'm pretty lax on the standards for that TV dimension (Earth Prime Toon) and its relation to Earth Prime Time.

Martin Landau will also be seen this year on 'Entourage', but as an actual character - an old-time producer.

Maybe there will be a way to finagle a theory that he's actually Rollin Hand, living a new life out of the spy game. I could then add it to Landau's performance in 'The Twilight Zone' episode "The Jeopardy Room" which I contend is a pre-'Mission: Impossible' appearance by Rollin Hand under another name.


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