Saturday, June 10, 2006


Thanks to my fellow Iddiots Planeteer Fred and Scoper, the Iddwiz himself of the Idiot's Delight Digest, I have another character-driven blog to add to the list there at left.........

Turns out Jean-Luc has his own blog . . . this must be coming in via some sub-space anomaly that phuques with the space-time continuum.

Or maybe he only has (or will have?) Alpha Quadrant dial-up.

This seems like a wide open literary genre - I mean, Aunt Bea's blog about what really is going on down there in Mayberry or "Wally Cleaver's Wild Weekends!" blog (btw, Eddie Haskell *may* be Sawyer's father - you heard it here first!) or the inside scoop from aspiring screenwriter Christopher Moltisanti (blogger name "Little Mikey") or the off-season Jack Bauer blog or - the one I'd really like to see - "Jadzia Blogs From Risa: The Lost Years". Particularly her experimentation with and mastery of those exotic Jamarahon "techniques" and her oft-rumored - but never documented - "reunion" with Arandis ;-)

Makes the Dr Crusher/Deanna Troi tag-team seem almost tame by comparison . . .

boq Jadzia nga'chuq!,

--- Fred <> wrote:

Turns out Jean-Luc has his own blog . . .

This really scares me - I mean it. I enjoy fantasy as much as the next person, but this is *so* extreme that I worry about the sanity of the people involved here.

Besides, it's 2006 and I *still* don't have a jetpack or a flying car that folds into a briefcase! Gotta focus on what's important!

The Wiz - not fantasy, just fact

I'm actually rather surprised there's no blog from Lt. Commander Data. (Then again, there may be one; I have no clue.)

After all, his head was lying around under San Francisco for over 500 years. Surely the synapses of his positronic brain must have been able to uplink into some neural interface once the computer revolution kicked in?

He's probably trolling MySpace right now, looking for some kind of rescue. But everybody who's reading his mental text messages are confused by his references to "head".......



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for the mention; Data, and some of the others do 'guest post' on my Journal.

Toby said...

You're welcome! I love it when Toobworld bleeds over into the Real World!