Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Shirley Jordan, that is.

And as she is such a Hollywood playa now, my "twin" has turned her birthday greetings into a press release:

My 'Commander in Chief' episode will probably be seen on 6/7, unless 'PrimeTime' intervenes again. It's titled "Happy Birthday Madame President".

I play a friend of hers at her b'day party named Brandy. At the last minute they changed it from Bradley, which I preferred. The role was obviously written for a guy. I have one line, "Happy Birthday, Madame President!"

Happy Birthday, Toby!


I'll have to see the episode first, but if all goes according to plan, I may have a unique link based on Shirley's participation; something to give 'Commander In Chief' another TV series for its own TV dimension, so that CInC won't be so lonely......

Happy Birthday to Me!

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