Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Musician Billy Preston has passed away. He was 59 and had been in a coma since November due to kidney failure.

When I was commuting during my first year of college, I couldn't travel in either direction without hearing "Nothing From Nothing" and "Will It Go Round In Circles".

He worked with the Beatles and could be seen playing keyboards in the documentary of the super-group's recording of "Let It Be". Legend has it that MacCartney wanted him to become an actual member of the group. (Years later, he played Sgt. Pepper in that god-awful movie starring the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton.)

In Toobworld, Preston made his mark as himself when his televersion visited two sitcoms, 'Good News' (about a church and its new pastor) and 'Sparks' (dealing with a family-owned law firm).

These were the episodes in which he appeared:

'Sparks' - "Palimony"

The Sparks try to defend a client who is being sued for palimony by his former live-in mate of 12 years. Their case begins to fall apart when Maxey has one of his "bright ideas", and tries to lay a trap for the lyrically endowed woman. (1996)

'Good News' - "The Dinner Party"

A health center asks Pastor Randolph to distribute free condoms, but he refuses, planning to preach abstinence instead. (1997)

I never saw these episodes; okay, I've never even seen these shows. But I have to wonder how Billy Preston was worked into the plotlines.

At any rate, his music always made the trip go faster up I-84 and he will always hold a special place in Beatle lore.


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