Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Since it's my birthday today on this omenesque day, I decided to splurge a bit at FYE since they give a 20% discount to Backstage Pass members on their big day.

Here's the loot:

'Jim Henson's The Storyteller' (The complete collection)

'Mr. Peepers' (The first 26 episodes)

'The Kindred: The Embraced' (the complete collection)

'Grounded For Life' (Season 2)

'Columbo' (The complete fourth season)
I bought my first TV for the episode featuring Dick Van Dyke. I couldn't risk that I'd have access to the dorm's TV that night so I could watch it. And then to have Patrick McGoohan make his first appearance as a murderer on 'Columbo'? Sweet!

'Sgt. Bilko' ('The Phil Silvers Show' 50th Anniversary Edition)

'The Wild, Wild West' (The complete first season)
Just came out today. Now that's what I call a birthday present!

'Till Death Us Do Part'
This is the movie version of the British TV series which inspired 'All In The Family'.

And finally,
'The Gunsmoke Movie Trilogy'

"Gunsmoke: Return To Dodge"
"Gunsmoke: The Last Apache"
"Gunsmoke: To The Last Man"

I thought they made a nice coda to the series.

So not a bad haul for the day; a little bit of everything from all corners of the TV Universe....


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