Wednesday, June 7, 2006


For her VH1 sitcom about her own televersion, Tori Spelling asked Shannon Doherty, who worked with "Toto" on 'Beverly Hills 90210', to appear as herself on 'So NoTORIous'. And in hopes of sweetening the deal, Tori promised that they wouldn't make fun of her during the show.

"(Tori) sent me a tape of the pilot and a very, very, very small note asking me to do the show, promising that she would never say a bad word about me ever, and we used to be best friends, and still care about each other."

At least that's what Doherty told "Entertainment Weekly".

But when the show started appearing on the air, Shannon quickly found out from friends that Tori was dissing her every so often in the episodes.

But knowing the power of taking the high road in the press, Doherty claimed that she was above the possible fray.

"I don't know if it was something taken personally, or maybe it was 'If we make fun of her, it will bring in the ratings and the publicity.'

"It did hurt. I hope it helped her. If mentioning my name made people write about it, then great. Good for you. I get it. It's a business."

Cat fight!

Shannon Doherty has spoofed her image as "difficult" when she hosted 'Saturday Night Live'. (Remember the "Salem Bitch Trials" sketch?)

But all of that would be housed in Skitlandia, the alternate dimension also known as Earth Not Ready For Prime Time.

As for Earth Prime Time, maybe Shannon Doherty should fight back like in the old days of those "answer songs". Maybe she should appear as herself in some other sitcom and dish it out to Tori; let's see if she can take it.

I enjoyed the episodes I've seen of 'So NoTORIous'. But if you make a promise not to disparage a former friend in Toobworld, you should be held to that vow.

My suggestion? Shannon should appear on 'The New Adventures Of Old Christine' as herself. I'm sure there must be some plotline which would give her the forum to trash Tori for her back-stabbing.

Now if only some show would do the same to that jerk Brandon Davis for trashing Lindsay Lohan.....


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