Thursday, June 8, 2006


Unlike the residents of the Tooniverse, puppets don't get their own alternate dimension of Toobworld. They can be found in Earth Prime Time, as alive as the human beings with whom they live alongside. To splain them away, I drew upon the writings of Lucien of Samosata from the 2nd Centuray AD.

"True History" describes the Island Of The Blessed, situated near where Nova Scotia would be, whose inhabitants are invisible and they have to wear spiderwebs dyed purple to give them visible form. Over the centuries since, human explorers, colonists, and missionaries - with legendary names like Tillstrom, Baird, Ritts, Allegretti, Krofft, and Henson, - have visited this island and provided full bodies of all shapes and sizes for these beings.

And thus the puppet people came into existence.

They haven't remained behind in their homeland, which is known today by various names - Puppetland, Yazoo, Gortch, and the Living Island. Many of them are known to live in the United States, but they also can be found in countries all over the world.

And that would include Puerto Rico, where one of these puppet people is stirring up a lot of anger among viewers here in the Real World.

The San Juan TV show, 'SuperXclusivo', features La Comay, a puppet who co-stars with a human named Hector Travieso. La Comay is kind of like Don Rickles when it comes to insulting celebrities.

But instead of just insulting them, La Comay offers up rumors about them, safely delivered with the words "allegedly" and "apparently" attached so that he's legally protected.

Or at least he is in Toobworld. Here in the Real World, the show has been sued six times and just recently lost a slander suit filed by the former husband of Puerto Rico's governor after La Comay accused him of cheating on his ex-wife.

Gay activist Pedro Julio Serrano is another one who has sought legal action against La Comay. He has filed three complaints so far against 'SuperXclusivo' with the Federal Communications Commission.

"It's not funny. It's hate speech and penalized by the FCC and federal hate crime laws", Serrano told the Miami Herald. "I just want him out of TV. There's nothing positive about his program."

But if 'SuperXclusivo' was taken off the air, the damage would already be done as far as Toobworld was concerned. Just because a show is cancelled, that doesn't mean the characters on that show don't continue to exist and continue living their lives in the TV Universe.

'Star Trek' is the best example of that: ten years after it was beamed up by the NBC honchos, it came back as a theatrical motion picture which eventually led to almost a dozen movies and four more TV series. (Not to mention an earlier animated version to be found in the Tooniverse.)

So the televersions of all those celebrities and notables who risk being skewered by La Comay would still be vulnerable to attack, but the audience viewing at home in Real World: San Juan (Now THERE'S an idea for the show's next location!) wouldn't be able to see him on the attack.

I've never seen the show, so for alls I know they've already tried this, but the people who put 'SuperXclusivo' together should play into the controversy. They should broadcast an episode in which La Comay is attacked by some unknown assailant, and then claim that several well-known celebrities (as well as those who have sued the show) are "allegedly and apparently" under suspicion for having done the dirty deed.

And that would include Pedro Julio Serrano. If he wants the puppet out of Television entirely, he would have had reason to kill him.

Dun dun DUNH!

They could use that as a big season-ending cliffhanger a la "Who Shot JR?" on 'Dallas', or even as a way to end the series when it finally comes time to bid the puppet adios.


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