Saturday, February 21, 2009


This week's episode of 'Bones', "The Princess And The Pear" centered around a Washington, D.C. sci-fi convention called ImagiCon. As one would expect, 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' got name-dropped, but we de-Zonked those long, long ago. But twice the name of Xena was invoked, once by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Sweets and the other time by Mr. Fisher, the rather morose lab assistant.

Fisher lumped Xena into a list of subjects around which ImagiCon was focused, and Dr. Sweets explained to Dr. Brennan who Xena was when he admitted that she reminded him of the warrior princess. But neither one of them spoke of her as a fictional TV show character.

I have no problem with the idea that Xena would be a TV character. Plenty of TV shows were centered around historical figures out of the past - Wyatt Earp, William Tell, Emperor Claudius, Annie Oakley, and Frank Serpico. And just based on these mentions, we don't even have to assume that the full title of her show was 'Xena, Warrior Princess'.

So no Zonk here, fanboy......
Toby O'B, Warrior Viewer

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