Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I reported on this Ausiello item a few weeks back:

If you blink while watching Worst Week's Feb. 9 season finale there's a very good chance you'll miss Zach Braff, who makes a split-second cameo. CBS' freshman comedy was shooting on Scrubs' vacant hospital set the same day Braff was there looping dialogue for an upcoming episode. "He appears very briefly in the background of a scene," says a source. "He just did it for fun."

As it turned out, the finale was shown on Presidents' Day because President Obama's first news conference preempted it. So I watched my DVR copy of it this morning, solely for the chance to spot Braff and although plenty of candidates passed by in the background dressed in the requisite dark blue scrubs, I couldn't tell if any of them was the actor who plays JD on 'Scrubs'.

Here's an example of such an intern passing by in the background:
If I had to choose one of the scenes with a possible candidate, it would have been when Kurtwood Smith flung Sam's wheelchair into the elevator and he whizzed right out the other side. But I'm probably wrong.

Not that it really matters as far as crossovers are concerned. On 'Scrubs', JD is employed at Sacred Heart Hospital somewhere on the West Coast, near a SeaWorld. I'm not sure but I think 'Worst Week' takes place in New York City. At any rate, the hospitals involved were Saint Sebastian and Saint Ann. This would have been just another doctor who looks like Zach Braff.

If anybody learns where he showed up, let me know!

Toby O'B

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