Monday, February 16, 2009


Today is Presidents' Day, when we honor those men who've held the office of Commander in Chief... even William Henry Harrison, James Buchanan, Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, and W.

For the "As Seen On TV" feature, it wouldn't be fair to just single out one POTUS for the spotlight today. But you don't see groups of more than one president in Toobworld outside of car commercials. And since it's a day in which we should honor the whole motley crew, we'd have to jump over to an alternate TV dimension, the Tooniverse, and then skip ahead one thousand years.

In 'Futurama', a running gag was the Head Museum, where the craniums of famous people were cloned and kept alive in jars of liquid. (It was the best way to get famous guest stars to play themselves in the cartoon.) And in the Head Museum was the Hall of Presidents, complete with Secret Service agent heads to protect them. (Those are the jars just above the rows of Presidential heads.)

Based on this frame grab, I'm assuming that Barack Obama is just out of camera range.......

So here's to one of the most exclusive boy's club in the world (right up there with the Papal fraternity). If a woman ever does get elected president, I guess she has to be considered outside of the shot like Obama......


Toby O'B

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