Monday, February 16, 2009


Every year I chose one or two characters from other media, usually novels or comic books, whom I think should be translated into the universe of television. Some of my past choices have been Harry Flashman from the George McDonald Frasier historical novels (although originally from "Tom Brown's School Days", so Flashie has actually been made a TV character) and Zatanna from the Justice League. And from what I've read, Zatanna either has already or will be showing up in an episode of 'Smallville'.

I have two suggestions for this year - one from the movies (and a LOT of ancillary tie-ins!) and the other from a series of novels and short stories which led to a movie back in the early 1970's.

First up is Silver John, or John the Balladeer. He's a wandering folksinger created by Manly Wade Wellman who battles the dark forces with simple homespun magic during his travels through the Appalachians. When Wellman created John, he was a veteran of the Korean Conflict, but that could always be updated if a producer didn't want to have to deal with the constraints of a period piece (old cars, products etc.) Now it could be said that this type of show already exists with 'Supernatural' and maybe they don't want to look like copycats. Well, first off, television is the sincerest form of imitation as Fred Allen once said. And in a tv landscape of procedurals, why should such a similar show matter? Besides, a series about 'Silver John' would be slower-paced and even gentler than the grisly events usually seen in 'Supernatural'.

The other character I'm nominating to be adapted for television is one of the biggest stars to come out of the class of 2009: "Wall-E". Produced with CGI as far as Wall-E was concerned, mixed with live-action characters, I think this would make for a great show for the kids... and for a lot of the adults as well!

Toby O'B

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