Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Usually we only see Casey and Sarah protecting and working with 'Chuck' on the various missions where his Intersect "talents" come into play. But in "Chuck vs. The Suburbs", we met another agent assigned to work undercover on Chuck's assignment to root out a terrorist in the Meadow Branch cul-de-sac... We don't learn the dog's name, but it looks like his chief duties - aside from posing as the Carmichael family pet - was to be Chuck's personal bodyguard, protecting him while he slept. And it looks like he took up a surveillance position at the front of the house while Chuck and Sarah hosted a cook-out for the neighbors in the backyard. As an espionage pooch, this dog follows in the tradition of Fang from 'Get Smart'. He may have been partly bionic, like Maximillian from 'The Bionic Woman'. Or he may not even have been a real dog, but fully robotic - one of the government's little side benefits from funding the research done by Global Dynamic in 'Eureka', Oregon......

Toby O'B

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