Thursday, February 19, 2009


In the last forty years since 'The Time Tunnel' was produced, Doug and Tony have been falling through Time for alls I know. They might have been rescued, maybe not. But I think the technology of Operation Tick Tock did get the bugs out and was finally operating the way it was meant to. And I think others who worked on the project used the Time Tunnel to go back and correct things in the past, in much the same way the 'Quantum Leap' project was used and the Omni of 'Voyagers!' as well.

I think we saw one example in an episode of 'The Twilight Zone'.....

In 'No Time Like The Past', a man created his own time machine and went back to the 1880s to live. I think Dr. Raymond Swain went back in Time as well to interfere in Paul Driscoll's life there, in order to make sure that the chain of events in that town's history played out.

Posing as a horn player in the local community band which would play on the town green, Dr. Swain gave Driscoll enough clues for him to remember that the school would burn down. Had he never shown up, Driscoll would not have remembered, and thus he wouldn't have set in motion the events that caused the fire.

It seems heartless to think that the Time Tunnel was utilized to make certain that a handful of children died; but what if an alternate timeline was created in which those children lived? And perhaps one of those children may have grown up to become the American equivalent of an Adolph Hitler.......

We can't even prove Zaremba's horn player in that 'T-Zone' episode was his character of Dr. Ray Swain from 'The Time Tunnel', much less declare the reason why he would have gone back in Time to interfere in Driscoll's life.

But it would be a cool link to fill in the blanks!

Toby O'B

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