Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Over in Alan Sepinwall's blog, "What's Alan Watching?" (see the link to the left), a commenter named Andrew needed a place to vent about 'Leverage', and no 'Leverage' post to do so:

Andrew said...

I just needed to post this somewhere: On this week's "Leverage" they made the whole mission a metaphor for chess (or chess was a metaphor for the mission) and their opponent said that she can see every angle and plans for every contingency. As if this metaphor wasn't lazy enough, she has a chessboard just sitting on the table nearby.

But then they have her randomly come up to the board, ponder a moment, and then move a pawn diagonally into an empty square. This is not how pawns move. Ever. I am not a fanboy nitpicker, but if you are going to beat the viewer over the head with chess as a metaphor, you'd think someone would have caught that, no?

Andrew is right; that's why they have continuity people and script supervisors. But since it wasn't caught, we have to come up with a reason why it happened within the reality of the show itself.
And my thinkin' is that Lauren Holly's character really didn't know chess at all; she was a poseur. And also so powerful that if anybody standing there with her saw it happen, they'd be too afraid for their jobs to mention it.

Toby O'B

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