Friday, February 20, 2009


"You, Ben Finney, are under arrest."
FBI Agent Felix Lee
'Eleventh Hour'

Agent Lee was arresting a Fish and Wildlife agent named Ben Finney for poisoning the Great Lakes with mercury. His motive? Some deluded belief that it was the only way to raise awareness of the dangers the Earth was facing.

These words were spoken in Toobworld at some point recently in 2009. But they might still be spoken again in about 260 years. That's when it will be discovered that Starfleet officer Ben Finney had faked his own death and framed Captain James T. Kirk for his "murder".

Outside of the motives of the scriptwriter, could these two men be related?

Why not?

Nearly three centuries separate the two men; in the TV Universe the "heritage trail" that might connect the two men will probably be so muddied that their relationship could never be confirmed.

At the end of the 'Eleventh Hour' episode, Ben Finney's wife Debbie gave him back her wedding ring because his actions repulsed her. After all, a friend of hers died from his actions. And as she walked away, Ben shouted after her, claiming that he did it for the kids that they might one day have. But it looked as though those children were never going to be.

But that doesn't mean Debbie might not have already been pregnant with their child; she may have in her first trimester and not even aware that she was with child.

If so, that child could begin the family tree that would lead from that disgraced Fish & Wildlife officer to that disgraced Starfleet officer......

'Eleventh Hour' - "Minimata"
'Star Trek' - "Court-Martial"

Toby O'B

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