Friday, November 7, 2008


I mentioned in today's Tiddlywinkydink that Ealing is the location where both 'Rentaghost' and 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' are located. And although most TV shows are automatically in Toobworld anyway, I don't want to claim there's a connection between these two shows just because they take place in the same suburb of London.

But it is cool to think that the characters from one TV show could bump into those from another series just by turning the corner.

Here's a scene from an episode of 'Crime Traveller'. The two time-traveling detectives were at this block of flats in search of a suspect in a crime that hadn't been committed yet.
I saw this same location show up in a second season episode of 'Primeval' recently, and my buddies Michael and Mark pointed out that it was also in an episode of 'Prime Suspect'.

'Crime Traveller'
'Prime Suspect'

I wonder if shows with the letter combination of "rime" are required to film there?

Toby O'B

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