Tuesday, November 4, 2008


(Toobworld note - I realize this post is very late in arriving, but I am an inherently lazy person. Probably the only reason I finally got around to posting it is because the Augean stable that is my email folder is running out of topics.)

There are a lot of fans of 'Doctor Who' and 'Star Trek' who would like to integrate the tie-in novels into the show's universe at large. Toobworld can't do that; there are far too many variables to reckon with. The same goes for the graphic novels of 'The Middleman' upon which this summer's TV series was based. One good example of the difference between the show and its source material is in the depiction of the character Manservant Neville. Really, that's his name. (And "Manservant" is pronounced "man-sur-VANT".)

In the original graphic novels, Manservant Neville was the sidekick/henchman to Kanimang Kang. Kang was the leader of 'F.A.T.B.O.Y. (The Federated Agents Of Tyranny, Betrayal, and Oppression's Yoke). But within Toobworld, Manservant Neville is the man in charge as the CEO of Fatboy Industries. (In the Middleblog, they're described as being like Steve Jobs in charge of ACME from the Warner Bros. cartoons.)

What's interesting, however, is that Manservant Neville's appearance in the graphic novels was based on the actor Mark Sheppard, who was then later cast in the role of Manservant Neville for the TV series.

But other than that, the two Manservant Nevilles are totally different people and thus the graphic novels and the TV show cannot share the same creative dimension.

Toby O'B

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