Friday, November 7, 2008


NYPD Detective Sam Tyler in 'Life On Mars' (the US version) has a neighbor named Windy (whom I think is an hallucination within a hallucination, which may have already been established). While talking with Sam, Windy said, "I have the teeniest crush on Steve McGarrett. Do you know him?"

Sam said that he did. "Sure. Hawaii Five-O."

Windy: Book 'em Danno. Do you ever say that? Book 'em Danno.

Sam: I would if I worked with a guy named Danno.

Windy: You should hire one. How cool would that be?

Okay, time for some de-Zonking.

Like 'Columbo', Steve McGarrett gained a national reputation for his work with the Hawaii Five-O police department within the Toobworld reality. So Sam was referring to the actual man, and not to a TV character as he is considered in the real world.

When Windy mentioned "Book 'em, Danno", it'll be the contention of Toobworld Central that it was the name of McGarrett's autobiography after he retired from the force.

That would satisfy the requirements within the fantasy world of Toobworld.

Toby O'B

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