Friday, November 7, 2008


HG Wells' "The Island Of Dr. Moreau" has been filmed three times, but has yet to become a TV production. I think it would be a natural for a mini-series, perhaps one of those Robert Halmi productions.

One connection that could be made afterwards would be to 'The Addams Family', since the former business partner of Gomez Addams was a giraffe. You can see him, wearing a business suit, in a painting in the main room's background. (He had to be a silent partner, since giraffes have no voice boxes.)

It's possible that Vincent of 'Beauty And The Beast' was a descendant of the experiments by Dr. Moreau.
There's a new connection out there right now as well, to be found in a commercial for the Toyota Corolla called "Ninja Kittens". Humanoid cats in a "Kill Bill" scenario, the best part of which shows the kitties transfixed by the swinging light bulb.

Like Vincent, they could be sewer-dwelling creatures, which is why we don't see them in scenes from 'The Shield' or 'Law & Order'. (Not sure where the commercial takes place, but it seems to be in the underside of an urban metropolis.)

Toby O'B


powzie said...

for a moment there, I was terrified at the thought of sewer dwelling giraffes...

Mercurie said...

There could be a Frankenstein connection to The Addams Family as well. Although it isn't considered canonical by fans, in the TV movie Addams Family Reunion, it said that Lurch has the parts of many families (although the heart of an Addams...).

Toby said...

Really? Okay, that fits in with what I figured Lurch to be - the reanimated dead (not necessarily a zombie).

I would figure any parts that he had from other bodies all had to be internal, as otherwise his mother (played by Ellen Corby) would have noticed something different about him when she came to visit.

Mercurie said...

True. My theory is that Lurch had some sort of accident and the Addamses rebuilt him ("Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster....")!

coffee fiend said...

Toyota's cashing in on the power of cuteness