Thursday, November 6, 2008


Cleaning out my Augean stable of email, I found this post which I never put up after "Journey's End", the Season 4 finale of 'Doctor Who':

Near the end of the episode, the Doctor disabled Jack's wrist-band thingie again, telling him there would be no more teleporting.
Before, the Doctor didn't want him jumping around in Time, which is why he made sure it stayed burned out. But this time, he didn't want Jack teleporting either.

Now eventually, the transmat booths will be operational, so I don't think he's actually against the idea of teleportation. It's just that at this point in Time, Earth does not have teleportation - officially.

And in fact, per mention in an episode of 'Eureka' ("Sight Unseen"), the nations of the Earth signed an anti-teleportation treaty.

So the Doctor simply was trying to make sure that Jack obeyed the tenets of that treaty.

(Tennant and the tenets!)

I wrote more on this topic back in 2007.......

Toby O'B

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