Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Toobworld concept is ever evolving; positions I've held in the past, I've since changed my opinion. For instance, I used to think Toobworld was just the one world, cartoons and live action characters all living together. Since then I've embraced the 'Sliders' concept so that there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dimensions similar to the main Toobworld.

Another position I no longer maintain is that Toobworld can only exist of anything that was broadcast on television. But the technology is expanding and now people can watch TV on computers, PDAs, even their cell phones.

It's the content, not how you get it delivered that matters.

But one thing still holds true - once broadcast, it's a part of Toobworld forever. And no amount of later editing and censorship can change that.

And that goes for trying to suppress the content altogether!
The Disney Channel pulled an episode of 'Hannah Montana'. The plotline was about diabetes which was supposed to air Sunday. But comments from parents who saw it in an on-demand version gave Disney pause.

In the episode, Hannah's pal Oliver is diagnosed with diabetes. The show delivers a feel-good message to viewers that the disease can be dealt with successfully.

Here's what a Disney spokesman had to say:
"During the script-writing stage of the 'Hannah Montana' episode in question (entitled 'No Sugar, Sugar'), the matter of depicting a character with diabetes was reviewed by our Standards and Practices executives who consulted with medical experts to inform the story and ensure that it was told responsibly.

"Notwithstanding the measures we took, and based on the episode's preview and early feedback from parents (who saw it on SVOD and/or mobile platforms), we removed the episode from Sunday's schedule and are now reevaluating it."

Too late!

No matter how drastically they change it, it's still already been viewed. It's locked in as far as Toobworld is concerned. If it turns out there's been nothing but editing, then we'll just ignore it, just like we ignore episodes from old TV shows which have been eviscerated by the ever-increasing supply of commercials.

But if it turns that the episode has to be totally reworked with either new scenes or an alternate ending, then that will have to be considered as a separate entity from the original episode. That will be the same situation but from an alternate TV dimension.

Toby O'B

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