Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last night, NBC debuted 'Crusoe', loosely based on the Daniel Dafoe classic "Robinson Crusoe". The novel has been adapted many times before, but mostly in the movies.

These were the three TV adaptations:

Stanley Baker (Robinson Crusoe)
. . . "Play of the Month" (1965) {Robinson Crusoe (#10.4)} TV Series

Colin Blakely (Robinson Crusoe)
. . . "Play for Today" (1970) {Man Friday (#3.4)} TV Series

Jean-Luc Boutté (Robinson Crusoe)
. . . "Cent livres des hommes, Les" (1969) {Robinson Crusoe} TV Series

Because of my travel schedule and how full my DVR will be next week, I didn't record the two-hour premiere last night. But I can always catch it on, I expect.

I think that even though this series will probably veer off the path laid out by the book just to keep it supplied in scripts to last for years (as the producers hope), I think it might be the version to keep in the main Toobworld. But things like this sometimes need to wait until the series ends, just to examine the overview.

We shall see what we shall view......

Toby O'B

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Mercurie said...

Regardless of it departed from Dafoe, I loved Crusoe. It's been far too long that a swashbuckler has been on American network television.