Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The World Chronicle is a sensationalist tabloid much like the Weekly World News, but its stories usually turn out to be factual. Although published in New York City, it's not to be confused with the New York Chronicle. The New York Chronicle is a daily paper similar in design to the New York Times. (In Toobworld, New York City is a six paper town. Along with the Times, Post, and Daily News, there are also the Ledger [as seen in all of the 'Law & Order' shows] and the Gazette ['Murder, She Wrote'].)
The New York Chronicle has lately been seen in 'Heroes', in at least four episodes (the latest being last week's "I Am Become Death"). But it first came to prominence about fifty years ago on 'The Patty Duke Show'. Martin Lane, the father of Patty Lane was an editor at the paper.

So on a technicality, the New York Chronicle links 'Heroes' to 'The Patty Duke Show'. There's an
asterisk next to this connection, however, because 'Heroes' is no longer in the main Toobworld, Earth Prime-Time. When the series first began, it was and remained so until Future Hiro returned to the Past (which was, at that time, the Present) and created a new time-line by interfering with Peter Petrelli's life. Since that point in the show, they've been in an alternate dimension. (Or at the very least, once Hiro and Ando returned from the Future, they were now in an alternate timeline.)

So the characters we are watching now are not the same characters when the show began*. Those characters still exist in the main Toobworld (except maybe for Hiro and Ando), and - for alls we know - are involved in the same adventures as those being seen on TV now. However, there would be differences. There is no Governor Malden of New York in the main Toobworld; the governor would be Donald Shalvoy, as played by Tom Everett Scott on 'Law & Order'. (As far as I know, no TV show has invoked David Patterson as being the governor of New York. When that happens, we'll have to unveil a new splainin for Governor Don Shalvoy.)

There was no Senator Dickenson in the main Toobworld; the senators (for the time being) would be the same as in the Real World - Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. (This may change if a character in a main Toobworld show becomes a New York Senator. But if so, that person will be replacing Schumer. Hillary Clinton is such a polarizing figure in the Trueniverse that she'll be surely mentioned again and again in TV dramas and sitcoms - like in 'Boston Legal'.)

Also in the main Toobworld, Nathan Petrelli is still just a Congressman, not the junior senator.

So.... That takes care of the link between 'Heroes' and 'The Patty Duke Show' as well as splainin away why 'Heroes' is no longer of any pressing concern for the Toobworld concept.

Two, two, two posts in one!

Toby O'B

*This is the same situation we have - due to different circumstances - with the discrepancies caused by 'Stargate: SG-1', especially in their President of the United States......

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