Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It looks like the Energizer Bunny has some competition over in France, from a VERY athletic toy rabbit - courtesy of Duracell. I think the point of the commercial, without mentioning or showing the Energizer rabbit, is that the old model is an antique, and slow, and really not good for anything save for banging his drum. Slowly. (The Energizer Bunny is seen here from his first appearance in 1989.)

Energizer's battery bunny makes a cameo appearance in my Toobworld novel. (It's not named as such, of course; wouldn't want to get sued!) But I think this little guy could fit right in to the Toobworld concept as is. A cuddly cybernetic spy, or a toy thief, he'd also be perfect for that type of monster on 'Doctor Who' that might look cute, but turns out to be deadly.

Remember the Adipose babies? Or even those little rock-men in the movie "Galaxy Quest".....

Toby O'B

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