Monday, October 13, 2008


Last week's episode of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' had a more pressing problem than "Who Pooped The Bed?" - a major Zonk in which 'Sex And The City was mentioned not only as a movie (which of course would have posed no problem), but as the original TV series as well.

Sweet Dee always wanted to live out the whole 'Sex And The City' experience - the cosmos, the Manolos, the girlfriends hanging out and dishing about sex - and that yearning had only intensified with the release of the movie.

Like I said, the movie would have been no problem. It could have been a fictionalized version of the "real" lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte; it didn't even have to be about those specific four characters by those names... well, except for the fact that they hang out drinking cosmos, wearing Manolos, and dishing about sex.....

Still, people in the TV Universe do have movies made about them occasionally. It's tougher to splain away why TV characters from one show should be referred to as TV characters by characters in another show when they all should be sharing the same universe.
With 'Sex And The City', I think we can fall back on the Toobworld version of the show being a reality series. First off, a title like that is perfect for a reality show. It sounds like something they'd be showing on BRAVO.

The lives of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends would have been perfect for a reality series. Here in the Trueniverse, we've had 'The Hills', 'The Simple Life', 'Inn Love'.... This quartet could have just as easily been the subject of such scrutiny. Added to the believability factor is that Carrie Bradshaw was something of a celebrity, being a writer.

So that's the position Toobworld Central will take to break up with this Zonk - 'Sex And The City' was a Toobworld reality series, which proved to be either a) so popular, b) so scandalous or c) so tragic that there was enough interest in their lives to make a movie about them.

And thus, the Zonk gets pooped out!

Toby O'B

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Rob said...

Don't TV shows get referenced on other TV shows all the time. How often if Fonzie mentioned as a fictional character on other shows (like Friends and That 70s Show, for example)? And yet we know that Fonzie was a real person in the same reality in which these people think he's fictional.

I recently learned that the new show Justified is based on a book which is based on a real person. I'm sure most people don't know that. I didn't. So most people think the show is completely fictional even though it's based in reality. I think this is what happens when a TV show is mentioned in another show as as being fictional. And often, it could be that the real people don't know that a show was made about them.