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"All those years with Ernie taught me
how to hold my own in a roomful of comics
Edie Adams

As I mentioned yesterday, the lovely Edie Adams passed away yesterday at the age of 81. I have in my Toobworld library the Ernie Kovacs collections in which she was featured, as well as the soundtrack album for his shows on which you can hear her singing a few novelty numbers, and the movie "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World" - which was the genesis for that quote above.
Mark Evanier gave her a nice tribute in his "News From ME", and he links to the New York Times obituary. (It's in his post where I found that quote.) Make sure you check both of them out.

The following is a list of the characters she provided for our enjoyment in Toobworld, with a few of her variety show contributions as well. More of those, plus talk show and game show appearances can be found at her listing at the

But I would also like to point the way to a beautiful rendition of "That's All", which she performed in the final episode of 'The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour' in which she and her husband Ernie Kovacs appeared as themselves.
By this point in time, the principal cast members weren't talking to each other anymore. The marriage between Lucy and Desi was kaput. But when Ms. Adams sang this song, she brought several of them to tears.

Check out
the video of that segment here.

"Here's Edie" (1963)

"The Ernie Kovacs Show" (1952) TV series .... Regular

"Ernie in Kovacsland" (1951) TV series (as Edith Adams)

"Tales of the City" (1993) TV mini-series .... Ruby Miller

"As the World Turns" (1956) TV series .... Roseanne (unknown episodes, 1982)

"Designing Women" .... Edie
- La Place sans Souci (1990)

"It's Garry Shandling's Show"
- Chester Gets a Show (1990) TV episode .... Edie Adams-Stravely
- Dinner at Eddy King's House (1989) TV episode .... Clair King

"Trapper John, M.D." .... Edie Marks
- Muddle of the Knight (1985)

"Murder, She Wrote" .... Kaye Sheppard
- Capitol Offense (1985)

"CBS Children's Mystery Theatre" .... Madame Zenia
- The Haunting of Harrington House (1981)

"Fantasy Island" .... Liz Fuller
- The Man from Yesterday/World's Most Desirable Woman

"Vega$" .... Angela
- Sourdough Suite (1981)

"Bosom Buddies" .... Darlene
- Pilot (1980)

"Mrs. Columbo" .... Joanne Huston
- Word Games (1979)

"The Eddie Capra Mysteries"
- How Do I Kill Thee? (1978)

"The Love Boat" .... Sharp Tongued Wife
- Marooned: Part 1 (1978)
- Marooned: Part 2 (1978)

"Police Woman" .... Lorenza
- Blind Terror (1978)

"Rosetti and Ryan" .... Evelyn Albert
- Is There a Lawyer in the House?

"The Blue Knight"
- A Slower Beat (1976)

"Harry O" .... Kate Roberti
- Past Imperfect (1976)

"Joe Forrester"
- The Return of Joe Forrester (1975)

"McMillan & Wife" .... Louise Montgomery
- Blues for Sally M (1972)
(Being in San Francisco, it could be that Louise Montgomery might have been related to the Montgomery family of 'Dharma & Greg'.)

"Love, American Style"
.... (segment "Love and the Hotel Caper") (1971)

"The Lucy Show" .... Nanette Johnson
- Mooney's Other Wife (1968)

"The Dick Powell Show" .... Model
- Thunder in a Forgotten Town (1963)

"The United States Steel Hour"
- Private Eye, Private Eye (1961) TV episode
- The American Cowboy (1960) TV episode

"The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" .... Herself
- Lucy Meets The Mustache (1960)

"The Red Skelton Show" .... Ruby
- San Fernando in Alaska (1959)

"General Electric Theater" .... Sue Ellen
- The Falling Angel (1958)

"Suspicion" .... Gloria Chrystie
- If I Die Before I Live (1958)

"Appointment with Adventure"
- The Royal Treatment (1955)

- The Girl in Car Thirty-two (1954)


Jake Spanner, Private Eye (1989) (TV)

Adventures Beyond Belief (1987) (TV) .... Flo

Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter (1984) (TV) .... Mae West

Shooting Stars (1983) (TV) .... Hazel

A Cry for Love (1980) (TV) .... Tessie

Portrait of an Escort (1980) (TV) .... Mrs. Kennedy

Make Me an Offer (1980) (TV) .... Francine Sherman

The Seekers (1979) (TV) .... Flora Cato

Fast Friends (1979) (TV) .... Connie Burton

Cop on the Beat (1975) (TV) .... Massage Parlor Owner

Evil Roy Slade (1972) (TV) .... Flossie

The Spiral Staircase (1961) (TV) .... Blanche


"Great Performances" .... Fairy Godmother / ... (1 episode, 2004) - Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'Cinderella' (2004) TV episode (also archive footage) .... Fairy Godmother / Herself

Cinderella (1957) (TV) (as Edith Adams) .... Fairy Godmother

Yesterday I wrote about Edie Adams' work in commercials for Muriel Cigars, so please check that out as well for more videos.

She will be missed......

Toby O'B


Mercurie said...

I have always had a crush on Edie Adams. It's not just that she was beautiful. She was so smart and funny too. No wonder Ernie Kovacs loved her. What made her sexy wasn't her blonde good looks, it was her intelligence and keen sense of humour.

Toby said...

Amen to that! Like Red Skelton would say, "May God Bless".....