Friday, October 17, 2008


Happy belated birthday to Angela Lansbury, who turned 83 on Thursday!

Ms. Lansbury's character of Jessica Fletcher from 'Murder, She Wrote' was inducted into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame in May of 2001, not only for her own series and the collection of TV movies which followed, but also for appearances in the crossover with 'Magnum, P.I.' and its spin-off, 'The Law And Harry McGraw'.

I have no excuse for being late with this notice. My friend Kelly posted her own salute on her Facebook page yesterday, and I had plenty of time to doff my cap to her. I'm just inherently lazy......

Nevertheless, I wish Ms. Lansbury well and I hope we'll see her again in Toobworld again someday, no matter what the role! (But one last appearance of JB Fletcher and the folks in Cabot Cove would be nice!)

Toby O'B

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