Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In one of my posts yesterday, I combined a look at the New York Chronicle as the link between 'Heroes' and 'The Patty Duke Show' with my splainin as to why 'Heroes' no longer takes place in the main Toobworld.

But now I think I can find an actual way to meld them together.

In the 'Heroes' episode "Truth & Consequences", Alejandro saw the Chronicle's story about Gabriel Gray (whom we know better as Syler) having murdered his mother.

Take a closer look at the photo in the lower right-hand corner of the front page. It's a picture from a video on pause!

In the 'Journeyman' episode "The Hanged Man", we saw that Dan's alteration of the Past created a Present in which technology was so advanced that newspapers were more like flexible videos - vidpapers. This looks to be similar: set in the same time period, but not at the same level of technological advancement.

As I postulated earlier, when Ando and Hiro returned from their trip into the Future, I think they jumped a time-stream or two and wound up in a different version of their own reality. But it's one with such small and subtle differences that they haven't noticed that it's not their original Earth. In fact, if they have noticed this new process of embedding videos into newspapers, it in such an early stage of development that they've probably accepted that they're witnessing the invention at the get-go.

As for what happened to the Ando and Hiro native to that dimension, I think it's like that 'Mirror, Mirror' episode of 'Star Trek' - as they "slid" into the new dimension, their counterparts ended up in theirs. Or it could be a dimensional leap on a cosmic scale; every variation on Hiro and Ando leaped at the same time and and returned to a different dimension at the same time so that the cosmic balance was maintained.

Say! These are good shrooms!

Toby O'B

By the way, even as an early example of vidpaper, that's a poorly designed front page for the paper!

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Anonymous said...

reading your posts on the New York Chronicle reminded me oof a post you did about it last year connecting Heros to McCloud after seing that I did some research and found out that the paper also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210
and a short lived show called The Adventures of Hiram Holliday

I realy liked that link becouse it alowed me to connect one of the bigger subworlds into the main multivers.

Now the only majore subworld I have to connect is the one with Ironside, Amy Prentiss, Sarge, The New Docters, The Protectors, The Lawyers, and The Senator

you woulden't happen to have any connections for those would you