Sunday, October 19, 2008


Those giant block-letter location graphics for 'Fringe' left me uncertain as to their status within the "reality" of Toobworld - could the citizens of TV-Baghdad actually see the name of their city floating in the air above them in the series premiere? But I'm thinking now that - unless the Toobworlder is tele-cognizant and knows that they live in TV Land - those titles are just as invisible to them as are the graphics for episode titles and guest casts. They are probably provided (again - within the "reality" of Toobworld) by some unseen higher power for the benefit of those of us viewing at home in the Trueniverse.

And who might this higher power be? Whether he's the hairy thunderer or a cosmic muffin, whoever he* is, he's a lousy speller.

In the 'Chuck' episode "Chuck vs. The Break-Up", an on-screen graphic established the opening scene as taking place in Bogota, Colombia, three years ago. However, "Colombia" is spelled "Columbia".
This doesn't alter Toobworld; Earth Prime-Time would still mirror Earth Prime in the correct spelling of the country's name. That onscreen graphic couldn't be seen by anybody who happened to be in the shot, so it's not like it's an alternate dimensional version of the country we have in the real world, except for what takes place there on occasion - like that 2005 visit by "Mr. & Mrs. Anderson".....


Toby O'B

*Yes, Ladies, I am a sexist. The higher power would be male. Everything in Life proves that He made the world easier for men - no monthly cycles, no pain of childbirth, we don't have to shave our pits (unless we want to), we don't have to kill our feet in high heels, and there are plenty of bathroom stalls in movie theatre men's rooms......


Anonymous said...

They'd probably mis-spell it even if they set the adventure in Bogota, New Jersey!

Andy said...

The beginning of S1E4 of "Lie to Me" just had the same mistake.