Monday, October 20, 2008


So! My first full day in the Denver area! Today Joe Beninghof, my brother in all but blood, drove us down to Colorado Srpings to visit the "Garden of the Gods" nature park and the Olympic Training Center. Sadly none of my other peeps were there - what's a Garden of the Gods if only the godling of tele-cognizance shows up?

And at the Olympic training center, I developed this craving for little chocolate donuts!

Anyway, for today's Tiddlywinkydink, here are some shows tied to the Denver area:

The Closer from 1998 CBS (This was the show about the ad agency with Tom Selleck and Ed Asner, not the police procedural.)
Dynasty from 1981-89 ABC
House Rules from 1998 NBC
Whispering Smith from 1961 NBC
Alias Smith And Jones ABC (occasionally)
Maverick ABC (occasionally)
Peacemakers from 2003 USA

Toby O'B

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